Band Members

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Larry Sleight
John Ginger
Alan Coles
Bob Earney
Steve Trubridge
Mike Ashman
Tom Louis
Trevor Barker



Meet The Band!!

Whilst on holiday with friends in South Africa, Larry had the idea to form a band that would be drawn from musician friends he had played with over the years - and then take the band “on the road” as a one-off event. This simple idea turned into something very special the moment Larry considered that the ultimate “on the road” trip would be to gig the rock’n’roll highway, Route 66 - the legendary “mother road” of America. This strip of concrete and tarmac is 2,652 miles long and is, of course, forever immortalised by Bobby Troup’s classic “(Get your kicks on) Route 66”, the song recorded by the Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry and literally dozens of other rock and roll greats down the years.