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Route 66 The Quest

On October 2, 1998, members of a band called “The Quest” boarded the 1954 scenic cruiser awaiting their arrival in Chicago, Illinois. The long journey on Route 66 had just began, and history was in the making – this would be the first group of musicians to “play their way” across Route 66 since Big Bands, with names like Miller, Dorsey, Goodman, and Whitman, travelled the highway in the 1940’s and 50’s.

Were we all came from!

Of course, you don’t just put a band like “The Quest” together overnight. The roots of this group stretch back two decades. Steve, the lead vocalist, and Bob who plays the rhythm guitar, were associated with Larry in England in the 1960’s performing in bands with names like “the Zax,” “The Dealers,” “The Smokestacks R & B” and “Stevie’s Sinners.”The Band
When the 1970’s and early 80’s rolled around, Larry played in a band called “Neon Rainbow.” It was with this group that Larry met John, the bass guitarist, and lead guitar player, Alan. These men, individually, and as a group. have always been deeply routed in Rhythm and Blues from the United States.
The 2 remaining performers of “The Quest”  are Mike, who plays percussion instruments as well as the harmonica, and Tom, who also plays percussion. Tom adds another bit of professionalism to the group as a paramedic. Trevor, keeps a record of the travels as photographer and diarist.

Unable to make the journey!

After some fifteen years of planning, and almost two years of organizing, it was Tim Corbett, one of the original members who was unable to join the Route 66 quest. Russell Jones, also of the original crew, again was not present for the journey.

The book
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